This rustic mountain house, built of natural, environmentally friendly materials, was recreated from a derelict traditional house of the same shape and size, and was reintroduced into the village community in 1974.
The building consist of three stories. The front door to Casa Studer is located on the right side of the building and enters the first floor. Below is a ground floor apartment, which remains habited year round. We appreciate you being considerate of our long term downstairs tenant.

Smoking is not allowed in any part of the building. No pets are allowed.

Any foodstuff or condiments you find in the house are yours to use, please check their freshness and replace what you use. Many local trail maps and brochures for tours, and other things to do or places to go to are provided.

Important Details:

The house is self-service, which means, while you are staying at the house, you are responsible for maintaining it. There is no housekeeping provided.Please feel free to call in case of any problems: 043 888 92 78 or 079 299 59 50.

Linens provided: Bedding and bath towels are provided and their use is included in the rental cost. You will find bedding on each bed: please make the beds, and strip them again when you leave.

Garbage disposal: Garbage, glass and metal in the containers by the village entrance. Ashes go in the metal bucket near the built in kitchen storage, and once cold, can be put in the garbage container.

Bicycles: 2 children's bikes, 1 men's mountain bike, 1 women's bike are located under the terrace (entrance from the outside). If you use them, please maintain them in good condition.

Phone number at the house: 091 753 18 76 . Please set the counter to zero, before your first call.


1st Floor:

Entrance, Cloak Room, Hallway with small workbench, closets with bath towels.

Room 1: 5,40 X 3,30 meters, 4 beds, a dresser, open shelves and clothing racks for storage.There are rolling drawers under the beds containing additional blankets and toys.
Windows on 2 sides of the room.
Room 2: 5 X 2,70 meters, 2 beds, a sink, the desk surface can also be used as an ironing board
(iron and hairdryer provided), child's crib, closet containing bed linen. Room 3: 2,70 X 3,30 meters, Room with eaves contains 2 beds, a sink and a dresser. Bathroom: Bathtub with hand-held shower, a sink, and a washing machine. Separate room with toilet.

2nd Floor

Living room with exposed beams and roof structure. The east facing dormer is all glass. This picture window provides a panoramic view of the village and the valley. The large fireplace and hearth, which can also be used to grill, separates the living area from the cooking and eating area. You will find a couch, 2 easy chairs, 5 comfortable folding chairs, a work surface, a small table for the terrace, a large coffee table suited as a play surface, built-in storage for table linens and dish towels, games, dishes, silverware, a telephone with usage meter, satellite radio, Broadband Internet Access and a CD/casette player.
No TV.
Kitchen/dining area: 4 burner stove, oven, two refrigerators, a sink, (no dishwasher), a large dining table (0.9 X3 meters), 12 folding chairs and a long bench (containing kitchen utensils).
Small balcony with a bench outside of the kitchen.

* CH - 6671 Aurigeno, Valle Maggia, Ticino * Tel.: ++41 43 888 92 78 * e-mail: *